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Disclosure and Management System

Research and Innovation

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Additional commitments and certain financial interests must be disclosed to Virginia Tech using the Disclosure and Management System, which is the university’s centralized system administered by the Research Conflict of Interest Program. The system is designed to be intuitive, with the landing page helping the employee decide the type of disclosure to submit. Additionally, there are user guides for disclosers and approvers of external commitment disclosures. Note that disclosure requirements are streamlined across types of disclosure, which means any disclosure in the Disclosure and Management System must be submitted initially, renewed annually, and updated within 30 days of any changes (e.g., when financial interests change). The Conflicts of Interest and Commitment website is a centralized resource for financial interest and additional commitment disclosures.

For more information please contact the Research Conflict of Interest Program at coi@vt.edu


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Research Conflict of Interest Program

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